Student Testimonials

“Welles has greatly impacted me. He showed me that you don’t have to be popular to be a leader, and that just saying hi to someone can make a person’s day. I will never forget that (Welles said) when being on a team you can …forget about everyone’s differences , and that team is when you come together as a family and go for that one goal….”Carpe Diem” …makes me think how thankful we are to have all the freedoms we do in this country.”


“Because of (Welles), I have been trying to be a better person…..And I am not only trying to be like him, I am also trying to teach people to be like him.”


I will honor him by (being ) nicer and be there for those who need help the most, be more respectful, be positive try and listen more …..


“…(Welles) have inspired me to learn about him and what he did. He made me how to stay strong, to be brave, to be selfless in life decisions, and to have courage.”

John M.

“… I learned just because others are different you can still be friends with them.”


“…helped me find the true definition of leadership and how to be a true leader.”

David C.

“Welles had an impact on my life because I learned that de didn’t run away from his problems he faced them and took on the challenges that lied (lay) ahead. He was brave and a leader.”

Dylan C.

“Today we watched a video about Welles Crowther. It touched me thinking, wow, I want to be like him. Welles Crowther is a awesome man!”

Tom B.

“The story of Welles Crowther has cemented my belief that I should use every opportunity I have to better the world, and to be a part of something that is bigger than myself.”

Nathan H.

“From your son I have learned that … there is more to this life than just living day after day as I have thought for awhile. That the point of living is to get up & do something with the life that has been given to us. To when given the opportunity do something to help this world like saving 12 people when even if you don’t know if you will survive.”

Collin B.

“Welles has been an inspiration to me. Without knowing he taught me to follow my dreams and to be who I want to be. He showed me dedication, selflessness, bravery, and courage.”

Cayla A.

“…I learned things to help me become a better person and be a more successful adult. Thank you.”

Dakota T.

 “What Welles did makes me believe in life; that you can make the negative positive and that when life brings you down you can bring it back up. You just have to be strong and believe. He saved those people that day and to this day he is still saving people, by giving them inspiration and strength.”

Cateline P.

  “I am growing up in a world where tragedy is becoming common. It scares me, but I am always calmed by people like Welles that still exist. Welles lives on in the hearts of every man, woman and child who answers the call to help others…. The story of Welles makes my heart swell with Pride of our country. We are who we are because of people like (Welles).”

Susan E.

  “I learned that sometimes you have to show leadership and care for others. You should always have forgiveness and sometimes you need to do teamwork with others. I also learned to never leave nobody (anybody) out and treat people how you want to be treated. I also learned that to try to do the right thing a lot.”


  “In this story I learned that not everything is about you. When you see people that need help, help them….This story inspired me to be nicer to other people.”

Alyssa R.

  “…Welles has inspired me to be more caring and helpful for others.”


  “He ( Welles ) inspired me to be the best person I can be.”

Caroline S.

  “He inspired and changed a young girl’s life forever.”

Amya D.

  “I want it ( 9/11) to stand as a day that inspires Hope, and Courage, and stirs the hearts of the American Nation. Perhaps a message will ring out to everyone in the world, even if it is different for every one person, maybe not even in the form of words. When I think of (Welles) it makes hope that one day these bad things won’t happen… ”

Kayla K.

  “…Welles’ actions have showed me that love is more powerful than fear.”

Brittany K.

  “Welles taught me things that my parents, teachers and others would never have been able to. He taught me to care about others more than yourself, to live every day like it could be your last, always persevere no matter what obstacles face you …”

Nick C.

  “Everyone of Welles’ actions has inspired me in a way that is applicable to both my everyday life and in times of tragedy…to rebound from downfalls, both literally and mentally. He used his time to its fullest potential, something I would like to do…his calm demeanor, which enabled him to devote his full attention to his goal rather than being sidetracked by panic…the way he spread his message of helping others, inspires me to share my feelings about issues of great importance to me, such as education….Displaying a fraction of the degree to which he displayed this facet ( selflessness) is one of my ultimate goals.”



Here is what Teachers and Parents are Saying

“Welles’ life story easily engages the students making the identification of the core values and their importance in the lives of all citizens obvi­ous to students.”

“… Welles inspires me to be a better person, to be a better teacher, to be a better American, to be a better father, to be a better coach, to be more kind to people I don’t know, to stand up for others and on and on and on.”  

Jared B.

“He ( Welles ) has taught me what really matters in life. It isn’t the job, the toys, or the money. It is about family and building lasting relationships with others. It is about serving others even when it is not required. It is about character.” 

Kyle H.

“The lessons were very effective in teaching the core values. The lessons are age appropriate …The students…seemed very engaged and eager to learn and hear more.” 


“I cannot wait to start using the curriculum right away this fall. After using this curriculum it is very easy to teach and reintroduce core values, remind students that it’s okay to make mistakes and forgive others and that even though we are only one person we can make a difference.” 


“Every year we start with this. The kids begin to understand that the world is a bigger place than just ‘here’ or ‘me’. We begin to have good conversations about who they are and who they want to be.” 

Language Arts Teacher

“I want to let you…know what a wonderful impact the Red Bandanna Project had on Katherine. She is my child that doesn’t say much when it comes to what she did during her day/ The day of …the Red Bandanna Project was a different story…The..most telling accolade she gave about the experience was that she wanted to request the number 19 for her lacrosse jersey this year.”